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Siti Mariam Makes Us Proud

Durian Mas, 7th.April 2003- A form Four student, Siti Mariam bt Noor Azham Shah who took part in Public Speaking Competition for Dungun District this morning has made us proud by winning the second place in this annual competition. Although she was quite disappointed with the result, she was able to calm down herself after knowing that she got only less two points to beat the winner who was from SM Sains Dungun.

For the first session of the competition, all the contestants were asked to deliver a prepared speech in which, Siti Mariam talked about “Love and Teenagers” which she was able to present it in natural and promising way. In the second session, she and the other contestants were asked to deliver an impromptu speech entitled “My Favourite Teacher”.

She had been trained by Cikgu Nazri and Cikgu Mazmin for only only week however, with her gifted talent she not only managed to memorize the text given but also showed a great improvement in terms of style, intonation and voice projection. According to both trainers, they believed that she has a vast potential to become the winner of public speaking competition next year.

Due to her ‘Interpersonal and Verbal Linguistic’ intelligences, she was also chosen to be in the school English debate team which is going to be gear up next week. Hopefully, she will give her best performance, together with other school debaters.

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